When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down something starts burning inside of me. I feel an uncontrollable desire to get out. Deep into the night.

I go to a club and I start to dance, making all people in the club turn their head into my sensual movements. Boys and girls fall equally under my spell. I turn into a goddess. I know then that I can get what I want from any of them.

Tonight she will be the one. Her body dances to the music, but her eyes are long ago lost into mine. I move my finger making her a sign to come closer.

She comes by my side and we start dancing together. Her smell climbs up my nose reaching my nerves. She is so sweet, so sexy. Every body in the club is looking at us. Our dance, our moves…

My hand slides over her back, her fingers get lost in my hair. Our lips get closer and closer, I can feel their warmth as the moment of the final kiss arrives.

We kiss passionately, her tongue goes deep into my mouth, mine goes inside her, moist, clean and sweet mouth, with her welcoming soft lips.

Our hands run smoothly all over our skin, her tight legs, my tiny waist… not an square inch of our bodies is left untouched. Not even the most hidden ones.

The spectacle is becoming so hot and explicit that we are not very politely invited to leave the club. Our desires for each other do not disappear, far from that, they grow harder, as our pussies go dripping wet.

We jump into my car and go directly to a hidden place by the road where we can continue without being disturbed…


Text and illustration by @sexticles


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