Public exhibition

He took her, with her eyes blinded with a silky kerchief, to the center of the room. Her arms were tied at her back. She cried in fear. She had no idea how did she get there.

Tight ropes had her naked skin bruised. Her feet were freezing after a long walk over cold stone. The wooden floor she was now treading brought her some comfort.

He took her by an arm and forced her to kneel down. Then he took the kerchief off her eyes, filled with tears.

She could hardly see the crowd staring at them in that dark room. A heavy light from the ceiling blinded her even more, so she could not recognize anyone there.

His captor then stood in front of her, with his stiff cock in front of her head. She was looking to the ground so he grabbed her by her hair, forcing her to look up.

She was still crying, begging for mercy. He then took her by the nose, so she had to keep her mouth open in order to breathe.


Text and image by @sexticles
Inspired by @NaughtyyBabySub



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