Birthday present for her

The birthday party was getting too busy, too many people, too many drinks. It was time to end it.

Miss Sweets started to show her guests out, leaving only her best friend Johnny, and a couple he brought with him.

– I can’t believe you forgot to buy a present for me Johnny, and, on top of that, you bring -them- with you.
– Slow down sweetie, I did not forget about your present. Here you are…
– What am I supposed to do with this silk scarf? Are you nuts?
– Let me put it over your eyes, this is not the present, but a part of it. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it

Johnny took Miss Sweets by the hand, with her eyes blinded by the silk scarf, and drove her to another room.

He started to undress her, slowly, but soon another pair of hands was sliding over her skin, and then another pair of hands, more feminine, were over her too.


Text and artwork by @sexticles
Inspired by @sweetsin2



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