Summer heat


I am sunbathing by the pool when he comes in carrying his cleaning tools. His strong arms and shoulders not covered by his tanker top soon caught my attention.

My husband has just gone, so he comes to me to introduce himself as the new employee from the pool cleaning service. My sunglasses keep him from seeing the other thing that soon also takes my attention, his strong legs under his short trunks and that bulge in between.

I tell him what to do and he goes away with his tools. The view of his back is also amazing including that part in which the back changes its name. I keep looking at him as he bends over the pool to clean it. My mind goes astray.

I turn around and undo my bikini top straps, I lay face down letting the sun heat my back.

A pair of strong hands slide over my back, spreading suncream. Every corner of my skin gets covered, my back, my ass, the backside of my legs…

A soft voice comes to my ear:

– Your skin is turning red and so hot. I could not help triying to keep it away from sun burns. Hope you don’t mind.

– Thank you, your shoulders are getting red too, let me be so kind with you. I say as I turn around absolutely forgetting of my unstrapped bra.

His eyes fall to my breasts so I realize they are nude and I hide them with my hands, as my face turns red…

Text and illustration by @sexticles


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