At your feet

I arrive at the hotel just in time for our photo session, you are at the hotel lobby, with your shiny red hair covering your shoulder and a red dress wrapping your curves.

High heeled red shoes cover your feet at the end of those long well made legs.You look absolutely fascinating.

It’s the first time for me to work with you as a client and I have to tell that your gaze and your looks are incredibly sensual.

I’m a professional but I it weren’t for my photo equipment I would not be able to hide my hard on.

The photo shoot starts, and as you go undressing, and start sensually posing in a natural way without me having to give any indications, I discover your feline attractive.

You are sitting on the floor playing with a sexy red lace outfit, tied along the sides, that covers your body, looking at my camera, devouring it with your gaze.

You take off your shoes and your sexy feet call all my attention, I did not consider myself a foot fetishist until I saw yours. And I can’t help to point it.

– Your feet are incredibly beautiful. They deserve a photo book for them only.

– I’m glad you like them. I love my feet and It really turns me on when someone gives them a good massage.

– I’m used to see sexy naked bodies and take pictures of them, but it’s the fist time I feel so attracted by a pair of feet. It may sound a bit unprofessional by my side, but I would make the photo shoot for free just for the pleasure of touching those sexy feet.

– Well, we can do it as a kind of exchanging services, I pay yours with mine.

I finish the photo shoot, with an special session dedicated to your feet and then I put my equipment aside and take one of your feet in my hands…


Text and illustration by @sexticles inspired by and dedicated to @rimmakiev


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