Anastasia’s Torture

It’s a cold winter night. In a dark room hardly enlightened by some candles. There’s a beutiful young girl, Anastasia, who does not know very well how did she get there, in the center of the room.

The yonung girl wakes up tied with ropes all around her curves, Her hands are held to a wooden beam by a pair of metal shackles that keep her arms spread.

Her thighs are tied with ropes to a pulley so that they can be spread open with a simple pull, clearing the view of her tight holes.

A ball tied with leather straps fills her mouth and prevents her from shouting. Her eyes are not blinded but the lime light is not enough for her to see much.

A man comes from the shadows with a whip in his hands, a leather mask covers his head, a pair of trousers of the same material and a pair of black latex gloves complete his outfit.

He takes one of the burning candles in his way towards the girl. And when he’s by her side he tilts the candle so a hot wax drop lands over one of Anastasia’s boobs.

A shout of pain coming from her throat turns into an almost silent groan muted by the ball that fills her mouth.

Some other drops fall over her tits, around her hard nipples leaving small red bruises all over her breast.

She almost faints with pain, her eyes are wet with tears ruining her make up…


Text and illustration by @sexticles



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