Visiting the dentist

Today I’m visiting the dentist. I hate going to the dentist, the anesthesia, those drill sounds filling my head… But I have to get my four wisdom teeth removed today as they are moving the rest of my teeth together and piling them up at the front of my mouth.

So here I am. I push through the translucent glass doors and see the lovely blonde woman with perfectly done make up and sweet smile sitting behind the reception desk. I sign in and the receptionist, who is also the dentist’s assistant, checks her schedule out.

– You are our last patient of the day. If you’ll take a seat I will call you back in a moment.

A door swings open and a hot petite blonde wearing glasses gives way to a smiling middle age man, sends him to the receptionist and walks back into the room. She has a really tight ass and curvy little body. I had never seen her here before. Maybe she is a new hygienist or something. The man and the receptionist talk for a moment and then she leads him out and comes smiling towards me.

– Please follow me. 

She’s taller than the other woman but she also has everything in the right place. I follow her swinging body and we enter the room where the other woman had just entered.

-I’m your new dentist. Says the pretty little blonde woman from behind her cute glasses.

– We have a lot of work ahead so relax while we start with the anesthesia.

I have them both over me as the anesthesia beguns to take effect. They are so close I can feel the warmth of their beautiful bodies.

The dentist leans over my chest and I can feel her hard big breasts over me. Her assistant is behind me but when she passes by my side her breasts touch my shoulder.

I can’t help my cock to start growing under my pants. It’s quite a violent situation, and I hope they don’t notice my hard on…


Text and illustration by @sexticles


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