Take me to heaven

It is like an uncontrollable desire burning inside me, I just want to feel you deep, whenever I think of you my body heats up.

The memory of your shaft digging deep inside my wetness, thrusting heavily into me…  I feel as if it I could not get enough of it, the more I get the more I want… I feel you as an addiction, your body, your hands, your dick…

We have done it in every position, but when I feel your weight over my back, pushing me against the couch, with your hardness moving inside of me, your fingers softly touching my clit, making me so wet, taking my arousal to an orgasm…

The mere remembrance of it all makes me wet again, as wet as I have never been before. I can’t get you out of my head, every now and then you come to my mind and my hands rub my soaked pussy.

I like feeling you in control, feeling the power you have over my wishes and thoughts. I love feeling submissed to you, feeling I’m your slave. It’s a new sensation for me, so pleasant, so exciting, I can’t see where is this going to take me to, but I don’t mind. I love to feel I’m yours…


Text and illustration by @sexticles


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