Sweet temptation

It’s been a long morning at the office, I’m a bit tired and the heat on the street makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I walk across the door of our place, the cross ventilation keeps our house fresh even in these hot days so I feel quite better in here.

You are in the kitchen, the loud music you are listening kept you from hearing me coming, so, when I grab your waist from behind it took you by surprise making you jump and yell like a character from a scary movie.

You hate when I do that but I can’t stop doing it, it’s very funny. There’s only a tiny dress covering your soft skin, your hard nipples stand still defiying gravity, your curves draw delicious lines under that dress.

You turn around and our lips meet, your tongue tastes like cherries, my hand slides over your neck under your hair, your hands rest on my waist, our kisses grow more and more passionate.

You sit on top of the kitchen table and take one of the cherries from the fruit basket to put it inside my mouth as you leave another one between your lips, kissing it as you look at me…


Text and illustration by @sexticles


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