A new companion

Melanie and Estefanie have a new roommate in their apartment, her name is Elena.

It’s her first day in town, so her mates do their best to make her feel comfortable.

When the night falls Elena sees her new friends at the toilet room, naked, the door is wide open, they’re laughing, flirting, touching each other unintentionally, or maybe not so unintentionally, taking no care of her new roommate probably seeing them.

Elena turned her initial surprise into some kind of curiosity, seeing how naturally they behave, touching each other making their sexual excitement grow, she soon noticed a rising desire of taking part in the game.

Elena had never felt attracted to a woman before, but this situation made her body react, soon she found herself rubbing her pussy as she watched them.


Text and illustration by @sexticles
Inspired by @aleptdpx_x_x


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