Sweet awakening

An arm hugs her body, the hand at the end wraps one of her tits. a sweet kiss falls over her shoulder.

She feels the warmth of his body angainst her back, his erection rubs her naked ass.

The first morning lights enter through the window. She opens her eyes and smiles, he has been awakw for a while covering her body in soft kisses and caresses.

She turns around and their mouths meet, their tongues fight. An exchange of hugs and cuddles begin quickly rising their temperature.

The unceasant presence of his cock rubbing her ass, makes her pussy wet. she arches her back and seeks that tool with her hands, she wants to feel it inside.

His glans slides over her wet slit, it does not take long to find its way in.

He penetrates slowly, making her feel the thickness of his cock opening her lips. She feels every inch slipping inside, getting all wet with her love juices.


Text and illustration by @sexticles
Inspired by @kisra1988


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