dos hombres una mujer

Two for Tuesday

She was home, alone, having a relaxing bath after a hard Tuesday at work. Her mind began to fly, and soon she was thinking about having two men pleasing her.

She decided to make her wish come true, so she took her little black dress, a pair of black stockings and her favorite pair of high heels’ shoes.

She entered the club, a pair of handsome men were having a drink at the bar, she sat by their side, pretending she was waiting for a friend.

After a few moments they were chit chatting, as her invented friend never happen to appear.

Some minutes after, them three were in a nearby hotel suite, right as she wanted.

They were sitting, she was between the two friends, each of her hands was searching for their cocks inside their pants.

They were both hard, she began to wank them, as their hands covered her body in soft caresses, touching her breasts, climbing up her legs to her wet thong, removing her stockings.


Text and illustration by @sexticles
Inspired in a pic posted by @gspot1177



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