Teacher´s Pet

She had always attracted her teacher’s attention. Her long nice legs under that short short tartan school skirt. Her tiny tits insinuating under her strategically unbuttoned white shirt.

One day, at the end of the class, she leaned over his table, giving him a nice view of her neckline as she asked for some explanation of some matters she could not understand.

He invited her to meet at his office after school, so he could have time to answer any question she might have.

At the end of the day they both were at his office. She only made one question, enough to get his teacher paralyzed.

-How does my sexiest teacher look like naked?

As a good teacher, he couldn’t do anything but answer that question… So he got naked in front of that sexy schoolgirl, and not a second later his cock was stiff as never before. So she got the answer she was asking for.

-Oh Sir, you look even better with your clothes off.


Text and illustration by @sexticles
Inspired in a pic posted by @Italianpoet1952



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